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Title Speaker Service Date
Are You Worshiping The Creation More Than The Creator? Aaron Speck Sunday School 1/30/2022
Reflections Dr.Ron Dobbs Sunday Evening 1/23/2022
What Is The Purpose Of Sound Doctrine? Pastor David Dobbs Sunday Worship 1/23/2022
God's Riches At Christ's Expense Dr.Ron Dobbs Sunday School 1/23/2022
The Christian Walk Pastor David Dobbs Wednesday Evening 1/19/2022
The End Result Of Falling Away Pastor David Dobbs Sunday Evening 1/16/2022
Pestilence From God Pastor David Dobbs Sunday Worship 1/16/2022
Arise And Shine Dr.Ron Dobbs Sunday School 1/16/2022
What's Strong With Me Dr.Ron Dobbs Sunday Worship 1/9/2022
I Am the One Dr.Ron Dobbs Sunday Worship 1/2/2022