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Title Speaker Service Date
Thanksgiving Pastor David Dobbs Sunday Worship 11/21/2021
Prison Break Dr.Ron Dobbs Sunday School 11/21/2021
Why We Suffer Loss Dr.Ron Dobbs Wednesday Evening 11/17/2021
Forgiveness Dr.Ron Dobbs Sunday Evening 11/14/2021
A Walking Dead Man Dr.Ron Dobbs Sunday Worship 11/14/2021
In The Valley Of Indecision Aaron Speck Sunday School 11/14/2021
Times And Seasons Pastor David Dobbs Sunday Evening 11/7/2021
Not For Sale Pastor David Dobbs Sunday Worship 11/7/2021
A Thirst For God Dr.Ron Dobbs Sunday School 11/7/2021
The Good Old Days Dr.Ron Dobbs Wednesday Evening 11/3/2021