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Title Speaker Service Date
Baptizo Dr.Ron Dobbs Wednesday Evening 3/2/2022
The Prayer Of Jesus For Believers Dr.Ron Dobbs Sunday Evening 2/27/2022
God's Secret Servants Dr.Ron Dobbs Sunday Worship 2/27/2022
Is God In It Aaron Speck Sunday School 2/27/2022
Doctrine Of Sin Part II Pastor David Dobbs Wednesday Service 2/23/2022
Even So,Come Lord Jesus Pastor David Dobbs Sunday Evening 2/20/2022
Sheep Without A Shepherd Pastor David Dobbs Sunday Worship 2/20/2022
Judgement Dr.Ron Dobbs Sunday School 2/20/2022
The Doctrine Of Sin Pastor David Dobbs Wednesday Evening 2/16/2022
The Eternal God Is Our Refuge Pastor David Dobbs Sunday Evening 2/13/2022