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Title Speaker Service Date
Redeeming The Time Pastor David Dobbs Sunday Worship 6/12/2022
The Glory Of God Aaron Speck Sunday School 6/12/2022
Eschatology:A Study Of The End Times Pastor David Dobbs Wednesday Evening 6/8/2022
Who By Him Do Believe In God Pastor David Dobbs Sunday Evening 6/5/2022
The Cure For Discouragement Pastor David Dobbs Sunday Worship 6/5/2022
The Walking Wounded Dr.Ron Dobbs Sunday School 6/5/2022
Fear Of Man Bringeth A Snare Dr.Ron Dobbs Wednesday Evening 6/1/2022
Fear Dr.Ron Dobbs Sunday Evening 5/29/2022
A Blessed Man Pastor David Dobbs Sunday Worship 5/29/2022
Remember Dr.Ron Dobbs Sunday School 5/29/2022